A new website to welcome new guests!

cover-6.1 front 72On December 20, Norm and Burny: The Black Square will be featured in a review by Paul Hewlett’s blog, published on http://www.sherahart.net. We will give one book to the winner of a blog hop/giveaway program called The Midwinter’s Eve giveaway hop, hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and Bookhounds.

To ease the task of the visitors who come to our site while participating in this hop, we have deployed a much-changed version of the site — better looking, better organized, and easier to navigate.

Spend some time exploring the new site! Be sure to tell us if it does anything unpleasant to you. Also, look for Paul’s review.

Jay and Peggy

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Many takers for free Kindle book!

Our giveaway was a success by any measure. Amazon handed out 128 free copies of Norm and Burny: The Black Square.

Not all of those came from our efforts; Amazon publishes lists of free Kindle offerings. But NormAndBurny.com was very busy all weekend, and the logs show that 70 visitors clicked our giveaway notification and left our site headed for Amazon. So we believe that half of those 128 free books went to our fans, responding to our notices. That’s a remarkable showing.

The bottom line is THANKS TO ALL for supporting Norm and Burny!

Jay and Peggy


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Norm and Burny Book One is FREE THIS WEEKEND!

Cover-72The Kindle edition of Norm and Burny: The Black Square is FREE today and tomorrow, December 13th and 14th.  No strings attached! This offer will end when the weekend is over, but you can keep the e-book permanently. The Kindle edition includes high-quality reproductions of all Mindy Alper’s drawings!   Go to http://NormAndBurny.com right now to claim your free Kindle edition!

Merry Christmas from Jay and Peggy

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Special FREE offer for Norm and Burny, book one

FREE! No conditions! No strings!

The Kindle edition of Norm and Burny: The Black Square will be for sale for NOTHING this weekend, December 13 and 14. After that, it will revert to its normal price of $2.99.

Mark your calendars!  Tell your friends! Norm and Burny for nothing, this weekend only!

Good reading!

Jay and Peggy

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Rockslide has gone to press!

Rockslide is our first book outside the world of Norm and Burny. It tells an adventure story five thousand years old, of two young couples who form their own new colony, in a new place. It is a story of heroism in war, steadfastness in hard times, courage in the face of adversity, and the endless inventiveness of people under stress.  We wrote this story three years ago, and liked the setting and characters so much that before we were through we had finished several books.  Rockslide is the first; we’ll publish the others when we have time.

Visit http://NormAndBurny.com to learn details and buy copies from Amazon.

Thanks for supporting our writing!

Jay and Peggy


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Rockslide news!

Question: where do you find the best proofreading help there is?

Answer: Ask your readers to proof the book.

Our proofreading contest is half over. EIGHT DAYS REMAIN! You can read the book NOW and win a signed copy if you find a problem.

Our proofreading event has been GREAT. We’ve awarded seven prize books and put in MANY improvements suggested by our readers. THANK YOU TO ALL!

Come find the details at http://NormandBurny.com/Rockslide! And don’t forget that the book will be in print in early December — in time for Christmas!

…/Jay and Peggy


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The Rockslide proofreading contest has begun!

Read Rockslide free  on our site, and win a signed book for finding an error. We accept comments through November 29. And come back to this blog to let us know what you think about the story!  http://NormAndBurny.com/Rockslide


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