A new book! And another proofreading contest!

A new book is coming — our first for adult readers — and in time for Christmas!

cover4-frontWe’re very happy to say that Rockslide is at last ready for publication. We will begin the festivities with another PROOFREADING CONTEST. Our April contest was immensely successful: we have yet to find the first typo in The Girl with the Gold Coin.

The rules for the proofreading contest will be simple: if you’re the first to find a typo, we’ll send you a free signed book, along with with our everlasting gratitude. The contest will begin this Friday, November 14, and run through the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Rockslide is first book we wrote, three years ago, now extensively rewritten. The story is set in the Copper Age, about six thousand years ago — the late Neolithic, a time of invention, expansion, and progress. It tells the story of the founding of a new colony by two young couples, who soon find themselves fighting off groups of barbarian raiders. It is the first book of several; we will eventually publish them all.

Visit our website to learn more about Rockslide and the proofreading contest! We hope you enjoy the book!

…/ Jay and Peggy

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