New price, new book, new world

Book two is roaring right down the tracks!  Mindy is starting work on the illustrations. The text is long finished.  We can do better than our announced June date.  Not saying by how much.

We’ve learned our lesson.  No more wide-open specials on autographed books. For book two, we’re going to autograph a LIMITED number of books, and when they’re gone there will be no more. But you can now earn your own autographed copy of book two by sending frieds to our website.  If five of your friends buy Norm and Burny: The Black Square, we’ll give you our thanks and an autographed copy of The Girl with the Gold Coin, the very day it’s available. Check out Refer a Friend.

We’ve noticed that people are buying books in sets of 5, 7, and 10. We love those people, although for the Amazon buyers, we don’t even know who they are. We’re doing something special just for those batch buyers. Starting now, we’re offering the book for $9.99, with a free book for every five ordered, and a single flat $2.00 shipping/handling charge for any number of books. We have books in stock to ship. My modest opinion is that Norm and Burny is a remarkable gift for children, including adults whose child self is alive and well. Five-year-olds would enjoy the first book, and nine-year-olds can read it. At Florence Elementary in Keller, they’re reading it in the 4th grade.

I might remark that our offer is the best deal in town.

Our frenzied work rush has let up slightly, with the book out, the backorders filled, and the website fully functional. We need it. The three months since we started these posts have been entirely insane. I wish every reader of this post a very happy set of holidays, and I hope you spend some of them reading Norm and Burny: The Black Square.


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