… Dorothy Cannon, whose birthday is the 21st.


Mindy’s drawings in our book remind me of Dorothy’s art, which lives beyond her at, a permanent gallery of her work. If you’re not familiar with Dorothy, do yourself a favor and look over the site today, on her 104th birthday, and contemplate the fact that without Dorothy we would not have the treasury of Mindy’s drawings in the book.

Happy Birthday, Dorothy.



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2 Responses to Remembering…

  1. mindy alper says:

    I watched her draw and paint for 36 years. I learned so much from her. What an inspiration. My Mentor for Art and life. I am still learning from her. I am still having fun.

    Happy Birthday Dorothy

  2. I met Dot several times, but didn’t get to know her. However, I know her well though Jay and through her art. I feel fortunate to have a couple of her works of art in my home. Dot spent her life filling the world with beauty and she continues to do that through her student, Mindy Alper, who is doing the wonderful drawings for our book. Happy birthday to an amazing lady!


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