The “last few changes”

We’re closing in on a final version, it says here.  To show you how close we are, I offer two marked-up pages.  The black marks came from my long airborne trip east; the red marks are from a session with Peggy, where we reconciled our changes; the green marks come from my catastrophically-delayed westbound trip, including an emergency landing in Abilene, TX. The resulting 7-hour delay led to a lot of green marks.

This level of marking is typical of 80% of the pages.  Are we close?  You’ll see. We’ll be printing and selling books within two weeks. We’d better be close.




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2 Responses to The “last few changes”

  1. Nick Williams says:

    Hopefully you still made the party in Santa Cruz, right? I am sorry to hear about your bracing experience, what caused such terrible delays?

  2. I was safely home by 11 PM after an endless day. Southwest from Love to Albuquerque was 30 minutes enroute when smoke in the cockpit caused them to declare an emergency and land at Abilene TX. 123 passengers waited 4 hours before leaving in a replacement plane. Further delays resulted from long waits for hastily-arranged connections in albuquerque and phoenix. No trick or treating for me. But I got a lot of proofreading done.

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