School presentations

Jay and I went to Florence Elementary in Keller, Texas on Monday and Tuesday of this past week…six 4th grade classes in two days.  We had a great time!   The kids are precious…what a cute age.  We read a couple of pages from Norm and Burny and told them what the book was about.  Then we walked them through a simple editing process using their own work. They don’t mind the original writing but they don’t like to edit, so we told them how we do it…pair up and read to each other.  They were all good readers and very quick to pick up on what we were doing.  One teacher said after we were there her class was begging to go to the computer lab so they could work on things they’d written earlier.  Wow!  If we can get them to improve their writing we’ve done a lot!   We plan to go to a lot more schools…it’s a fun gig!   DSC01602DSC01574

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4 Responses to School presentations

  1. You guys are awesome!!! Congratulations on the book, I’m so excited for you!!!

    • Thanks, Geneva! A whole new adventure for all of us and we’re really enjoying it. I guess this proves that I am totally right-brained! Everything I do fits into that category. I hope you’ll read the book when it comes out this month!


  2. Robin McMullen says:

    What a great experience for you, and for the kids! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Robin. I’m still high on the energy in those classrooms…/jay

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