The thrift shop scene

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4 Responses to The thrift shop scene

  1. Nick Williams says:

    WOW! She certainly has talent! She even made the shop owner’s dress have black squares!
    Camel and coin on the bottom shelf, right? Cat Norm chased in pic, horse statue, guitar, cowboy hat on the chair, Adara’s necklace on second shelf, along with a periscope and a throwing knife…

  2. adminnormandburny says:

    Sharp eye, Nick. The calculating gaze of the seller is also significant. Where DID that app come from? This is all revealed in book two…


  3. Mindy Alper says:

    I forgot the train whistle!
    I’ll have to fix that.



    • Nick Williams says:

      That’s what the whistle is from! I noticed the whistle in the new version, on the second shelf, and the words on the sign…
      But I meant what I said, Mindy, brilliantly executed. Very reminiscent of other series that are equally in-depth, like Once Upon A Time (Mr. Gold’s shop) and Heroes. But it is all so much more subtle here, and all in one single image…
      And yes, she seems very peculiar indeed. She is definitely hiding something, that shopkeeper…

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