How it all started….

We (and this is definitely a ‘we’ kind of project) started writing two years ago.  Although both of us have always wanted to write fiction, this did not start as a serious venture. 

We’re musicians.  We met over 40 years ago in an orchestra and have played music together at every opportunity through all these years.   A friend we play chamber music with said he wanted to write but he just couldn’t figure out how to get started.    We told him he didn’t need to know everything about how to write before he started writing, and to back up this foolhardy piece of advice, we decided to demonstrate by writing something ourselves.  

Jay wrote a paragraph with some vague direction in mind; then I wrote a paragraph which changed the direction completely.  We ended up with a Neolithic saga spanning several generations.   After that, we couldn’t be stopped! 

We have co-written a mound of stories since then, making a huge beginner’s mistake of continuing to write without stopping to edit, polish, and edit some more.   That’s what we’re doing now.  One small problem is that we live 1500 miles away from each other.  Skype has saved our bacon, making it possible for us to work together.   We have put in long hours of editing in the last few months and now have our first book ready to publish, with two more close behind.  

Norm and Burny, The Black Square, will be available in October, on Kindle and in hard copy.   An excerpt of the second Norm and Burny story, The Girl With the Gold Coin, will be included.   We’re sweeping up all the unused words and loose letters at the moment, working as fast as we can on details like formatting, illustrations, and an audio version, so that we can announce the release in a few weeks. 

Even after reading it hundreds of times, we both still have fits of giggles when we get to passages that bring out our inner twelve-year-old selves.   This will be a fun ride and we hope you’ll come along with us!

Jay Hosler and Peggy Harrison

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3 Responses to How it all started….

  1. Cindy Fritzenmeier says:

    How exciting it is to live next door to an author! Would you come and talk to my class about the process you had to go through to become an author? Especially the revision and editing! They think they are done, but they’ve only just begun 🙂 My kids last year gave me a Kindle last year. I would love for Norm and Burny to be the first book I download on it.

    • Hi Cindy! Thank you for responding to our site! As a matter of fact, Jay will be here from October 24-30 and we’d love to come talk to your class sometime during that week. Remind me about what grade level you teach. Jay and I have always enjoyed playing music in the schools and now we’re both looking forward to talking about our writing. Thank you for asking!

      We may not have any actual books by then, but the Kindle version should be out.

  2. Lisa says:

    How exciting to actually be leaving a blog note, or whatever they’re called. Best of luck on your launch and please let us know when we can go lay down some cash on your behalf.

    The minute we have something available, we’ll let you know!

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