A new Kindle edition!

TGWTGC-cover-front-72Now in Kindle: The Girl with the Gold Coin. For $2.99, you can have 25 drawings by Mindy Alper, along with the sequel to Norm and Burny: the Black Square. Come to NormandBurny.com or go straight to Amazon to buy the Kindle edition.

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A long preview reading for The Girl with the Gold Coin!

All three of our books now have extended previews taken from the beginning of the story. If you haven’t read the second  Norm and Burny book, take this opportunity to do so!


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Audiobook news

At last, Pilar is nearly at the end of her long road to the audiobook. She has finished the nautical adventure chapter — difficult for its many voices in 19th-century British accents. We will put a selection from that exciting chapter on the site soon. We have already added a page about Pilar and her work to the site. Check it out at http://NormAndBurny.com!

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Blogger Paul Hewlett interviews Jay and Peggy

The Dreaming of Books giveaway and blog hop is underway — you can sign up for a free copy of Rockslide through 26 January. In that connection, Paul Hewlett (remember him? He wrote a nice review of  Norm and Burny: The Black Square last month) published an interview with the two of us, about the writing of Rockslide. We’ve published the complete interview on our website. You can find it and much else at http://NormAndBurny.com

— Jay and Peggy


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Win a free copy of Rockslide!


We’ll be giving away a copy of our new book! (Actually, one print copy and one e-book).

You can sign up for the Dreaming of Books giveaway and blog hop by starting with our site — click the book image to get there.

Good luck!

– Jay and Peggy

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New website, and other announcements…

Our creaky old website is a thing of the past. Check out the new world at NormAndBurny.com. It is now an announcements board — and soon it will invite comments.

Today it has two important announcements:

  • We have released the Kindle version of Rockslide to Amazon.
  • The website now offers free (long) previews of two books. The third book will be added soon.

In fact there’s a third announcement that isn’t yet on the site: over the next few days we will have a great deal to say, including a giveaway/bloghop for Rockslide. You can register and win a free copy (two prizes – one e-book, one paperback). Watch this space over the next days! And please check out the new website at NormAndBurny.com.

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A very nice review for Norm and Burny

Paul Hewlett has published a very favorable 5-star review for Norm and Burny: The Black Square.  You can find the review at http://www.sherahart.net/midwinters-eve-giveaway-hop-norm-and-burny-the-black-square/ – and enter a giveaway contest with a copy of the print book as prize!

Thanks, Paul!

cover-6.1 front 72

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